What are the top five agility drills for UK Taekwondo practitioners?

12 June 2024

As athletes or enthusiasts in the world of Taekwondo, you must have asked yourself at some point – which agility drills can take your performance to the next level? Taekwondo, a Korean martial art, has gained popularity in the United Kingdom for its emphasis on kicks, stances, and forms. It is not merely a set of techniques but also a comprehensive training system that targets fitness, balance, and the overall body. In this article, we will delve into five top agility drills that can enhance your Taekwondo prowess and fitness.

Enhancing Your Kicks

Having a solid kick technique is vital in Taekwondo. This fundamental move is performed using different parts of the leg, with the side kick perhaps being the most prevalent. The 'Leg-Up Drill' is a powerful exercise that can improve your kicking agility. It involves lifting the leg to the side or forward, holding it for a few seconds, then repeating the action. This drill helps develop strength and balance, which are crucial for executing flawless kicks.

The 'Kick-Switch Drill' is another excellent agility drill for kicks. In this drill, the athlete kicks with one leg, then instantly switches to kick with the other leg. This drill not only enhances the speed of your kicks but also improves your ability to switch between different techniques swiftly.

The Importance of Stance Training

Stances form the basis of all martial arts, and Taekwondo is no exception. The 'Stance Switch Drill' is a perfect training technique that works on your footwork and stance control. It involves quickly switching between different Taekwondo stances, such as the front, back, and side stances. This drill demands substantial leg strength and balance, enhancing your overall body agility.

The 'Mirror Drill' is an interactive stance training technique that requires a partner. The two practitioners face each other, and one mirrors the moves of the other. This drill enhances your reaction time and the ability to quickly adapt to different stances, a crucial skill in Taekwondo sparring.

Building Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is part and parcel of Taekwondo training. The 'Leap Frog Drill' is a dynamic agility exercise that can significantly enhance your fitness levels. It involves leaping over obstacles or partners and landing in a specific stance. This drill improves your leg power, balance, and coordination, all of which are essential for performing high-level Taekwondo techniques.

The 'Speed Ladder Drill' is another fitness drill that targets speed and accuracy. It involves running through a ladder or similar setup as fast as possible while maintaining accurate foot placement. This drill will not only boost your speed but also your footwork precision, a crucial skill in Taekwondo sparring.

Belt Level Drills

Training in Taekwondo is organised by belt levels, from the white belt for beginners to the black belt for experienced practitioners. The 'Belt Level Drill' is an excellent agility exercise that can be modified according to your belt level. It involves performing a sequence of Taekwondo forms specific to your belt level as quickly and accurately as possible. This drill allows you to work on your techniques and speed simultaneously, enhancing your overall Taekwondo performance.

Group Training Drills

Group training drills are beneficial in creating a sense of camaraderie amongst Taekwondo practitioners. The 'Tag Team Drill' is one such agility exercise that promotes team spirit. It involves two teams trying to tag each other while performing Taekwondo techniques. This drill enhances your reaction time, speed, and team coordination, making it an excellent drill for overall agility.

So, there you have it, five top agility drills for UK Taekwondo practitioners – 'Leg-Up Drill', 'Kick-Switch Drill', 'Stance Switch Drill', 'Leap Frog Drill', and 'Tag Team Drill'. Each of these drills focuses on a specific aspect of Taekwondo, from kicks and stances to fitness and team spirit, offering a comprehensive training package. Remember, practice makes perfect, so invest time in these drills, and watch your Taekwondo skills soar to new heights.

Mastering Complex Techniques

Upgrading your skills from simple taekwondo techniques to more complex ones is a significant part of your journey as a taekwondo practitioner. The 'Poomsae Drill' and 'Roundhouse Kick Drill' provide excellent platforms to practice and refine these advanced methods.

The 'Taekwondo Poomsae Drill' focuses on the practice of poomsae, the systematic, prearranged sequence of movements that teaches taekwondo students the martial art's techniques. By repeatedly performing this drill, you can enhance the precision and speed of your movements, building muscle memory and boosting your overall agility.

The 'Roundhouse Kick Drill' is another technique-centered exercise that involves executing a series of quick roundhouse kicks on a pad or a sparring partner. Known for its power and speed, the roundhouse kick is a quintessential move in taekwondo. This drill helps improve the speed, power, and accuracy of your roundhouse kicks, enhancing your overall agility and fighting efficiency.

Conditioning Your Body

In the world of martial arts, the importance of high-intensity training and body conditioning cannot be overstated. The 'Evolve MMA Drill' and 'Pre-Post High Intensity Drill' are excellent ways to build body mass and stamina, thereby enhancing your overall agility.

The 'Evolve MMA Drill' is a high-intensity workout that combines different martial arts' techniques, including Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, and of course, taekwondo. This drill not only improves strength and endurance but also promotes flexibility and coordination, vital ingredients for a successful martial artist.

The 'Pre-Post High Intensity Drill', as the name suggests, is a high-intensity workout performed before and after the main taekwondo training session. It's designed to condition your body for the demands of taekwondo, enhancing overall body mass and fitness levels.


Mastering taekwondo is not only about learning the different kicks and punches but also continually enhancing your agility, speed, and strength through dedicated practice. Every black belt holder started as a novice, and it is through consistent training and discipline that they have reached the zenith of this martial art.

Each of the drills discussed in this article – 'Leg-Up Drill', 'Kick-Switch Drill', 'Stance Switch Drill', 'Leap Frog Drill', 'Tag Team Drill', 'Poomsae Drill', 'Roundhouse Kick Drill', 'Evolve MMA Drill', and 'Pre-Post High Intensity Drill' – targets specific aspects of taekwondo training to provide a rounded skill set.

Remember, the path to excellence in taekwondo, like any other martial art, is a marathon, not a sprint. So, take your time, practice these drills, and watch your agility, strength, and skills evolve. As the famous saying goes, a black belt is a white belt that never gave up. So, keep pushing, and your taekwondo skills will surely soar!

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